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“Na Jaane Ka” | First Marathi Song!
Out on Zee Music Marathi!
Gaurav S Lokhande Production
“Meri Marzi” / Mrunal Shankar / Runalo / Gaurav Lokhande Production / 2019

After releasing her first song, she got connected with a new production house in Pune itself. It included Director Producer Mr Gaurav S Lokhande, Later Music Producer Runalo and other team members of cinematographer & editor. “MERI MARZI” was their first project together.
This song is about a Girl who is talking about the rules ( guidelines) of society which she knew when she grew up,.. Some of those are really necessary, valuable, which she agrees with, while some are just beyond her understanding.  She is refusing to follow those blindly, & she’s writing  the book of  her life story by her own hands, where the control over it is solely hers!
“Main Raani meri marzi ki”.
“Meri kahani mri marzi ki” .

Karke Dikhaegi : 1st Rap Release
Mrunal Shankar : DRJ Beatz : EKA : Hiphop Rap 2019

Karke dikhaegi have been much more than just a rap song! it has a huge history behind it. Some of the important people around her know it very well, most of them don’t. For now we can say, KARKE DIKHAEGI has been a real life experience for Mrunal Shankar and that’s why it means a lot more than any other composition! The inspiration she spreads through the song for everyone who wants to do something, is actually her own encouragement to herself, telling not to give up!
Sometimes, we don’t even know what is that we are so longing to be , to do… but still there is one keeda which says get your ass up and at least find that! Karke dikhaegi is like an anthem for all those…

Ahaan the Band : winning Most prestigious award for bands in Pune!

Mrunal has been part of a leading rock band in Pune in 2018-19. They won Sinhagad Karandak 2019 together, which is probably Pune’s, or even Maharashtra’s most prestigious band competition till now!

AHAAN The band recieving winning trophy of sinhagad karandak 2019 \ mrunal shankar dhole \ rock band competition \ sinahagad college\

The winning performance was their best put out show in their two years’ journey together,

winning performanace of Mrunal Shankar dhole with ahaan the band at sinhagad karandak 2019 \ pune
Collaboration With Coastmen
“Dil Nachda”

DIL NACHDA have been one of those special collaborations where songwriters, music producers or singers never actually met each other, yet produced a beautiful commercial song all together!

That’s right! Mrunal’s voice has been on Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM! Click on the link above to listen to this fabulous collaboration of her with India’s leading radio station!
How did this Happen!?
That’s an interesting story! there was this promotional campaign in her college A.I.S.S.M.S. College of Engineering, Pune hosted by RJ RAHUL from Radio Mirchi Pune. A small stage was there to make the students perform their talents in front of everyone and a winner was chosen. Mrunal won the talent show by spontaneously singing “MALA JAU DE” and it was telecasted live on Mirchi Pune that day!
That was the moment when RJ Rahul got connected with her for any possible future opportunity to sing for their station! Soon after a while she got a call from them to sing the jingle specially made for Ganapati Bappa’s welcome! the track was recorded and mixed at studio in Mirchi office itself! she had lot of fun with all the RJs over there!

At radio mirchi 98.3 office with RJ Rahul, RJ Smita RJ Ira , Ashiesh Wagh, Dhananjay Mhasawade, Harish Panchbhai, Monesh Jacob

The song was finished fabulously by mirchi sound engineers and the result of that was, selection of that project on the national level! The song got played on radio Mirchi in India specially for Ganeshotsav 2017!

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